Hey People

Just wanting to get some opinions on this guitar from anyone who may possibly have one?

Maybe a few photos? All I have found is stock photos etc. all front view and I would quite like to get a look at the back of it

Help me out anyone? Cheers

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its ovurpriced

just get a warmoth strat w/ an FR
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its ovurpriced

just get a warmoth strat w/ an FR

Just for the neck, body, pickups, pickguard, bridge, and strap locks to put it to near-identical specs (Warmoth doesn't offer a 10-screw pickguard, for example), you come out to $1273, provided you get the pickups, bridge, and strap locks at the lowest prices available. Then you have to build it, and buy electronics, and wire it by yourself. It would probably be more worth it for most people to spend the additional ~$600 and not have to build the guitar.
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Justice4AllOne pretty much mentioned all of my ideas so yeah...pointless pun post.

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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.
Just go to youtube and search "Adrian Smith San Dimas".
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