yeah i got a gibson les paul traditional a couple of months back and im gettin the feeling that the strings are gettin alittle bit rusty.the question is should i change these gibson strings and get normal ones or just clean them??
You still haven't chnged the strings???

Don't clean them cut them off, they lose tonal properties and are generaly kinda gross after a few months.
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also changing regularly is a good excuse to try new strings until you find a set that you really like. My next set is going to be flatwound ones just to see what they play like

you should've changed them when you first got it. is this your first guitar or somethin? but anyways, Gibson's are strung up with 10's (the gauge of the strings, the higher the number, the thicker the string.) I suggest picking up a set of Ernie Ball regular slinkies.
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ernie ball power slinkies .11 FTW!
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