Hey there,

I need your help with selecting the final pedals for my pedalboard. Th reason for this: not a single store nearby has a very wide selection of pedals, I will need to order some and that means I cant try them out. And tbh, I dont feel like watching 10.000 demo's on youtube to get the thing I need. I hope some of you can advice me some pedals so I can look into them. But first this is my current board:

Vox Wah
Digitech Whammy
Hardwire Metal Distortion
Hardwire Valve Distorton
Hardwire Chorus
Hardwire Delay/Looper
Boss Phaseshifter
Boss Overdrive (tho tend to use amp overdrive)
NYC Big Muff

so what do I need? I want to add an suppressor, compressor, and an equalizer, and possibly a Volume Pedal.

I play on a MIM strat or Gibson Les Paul studio. I own a Fender deville amp. The I wish to play vary from Heavy blues to fat Modern rock. I like toying around with sounds alot. Hope you guys can help me out.
EQ - Danelectro Fish N Chips or Artec EQ
Compressor - Rothwell LoveSqueeze
Noise Gate - ISP Decimator
Volume/Wah - Roger Mayer Vision Wah
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There's no reason to buy a pedal to "complete" your board. You should be thinking "hey, I could use this effect to get this sound for this song" or "I could use a boost, how about an overdrive?/I get a lot of hiss, what's a good noise gate?" and then consider buying a pedal. Having long chains of pedals can suck tone. I'd wait until you feel the need for a particular effect, that way when you do need it you have the money to buy it.
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Noise suppressor: iSP Decimator
Compressor: Barber Tone Press
EQ: MXR 10-band or 6-band

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