I'm purchasing an avatar cab, and I have a 120w Tube guitar amplifier head.

I'm getting vintage 30's in a 2x12 cab. The vintage 30's are 60w each, equaling 120w, so therefore the cab would handle my head, correct?

Just making sure before I buy, so I dont blow up the head and the cab. Thanks for the help.
yeah,just dont push the head too hard
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Cranking it will get you hella speaker cone distortion. If you are looking for a smoother, more articulate sound, you might want more headroom in your cab.
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Its rated 120w RMS, so it will be fine if you push it, just it will have some speaker distortion.
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I have a 120 watt peavey 6505 and I run it through a 2x12 with V30s and I've had no issues. I've gone up to about 4 on the volume.
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I don't think he has any reason to be too worried about speaker distortion when he cranks it. He won't be able to hear at that point.
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