hey there i have been playing guitar off and on for almost a year, but just recently im starting to get serious. i know most of the basics like major chords and power chords. anyways i have mastered alot of easy rock riffs that are moderatly slow. so i move onto a lil faster riffs and songs like seek and destroy and carry on my wayward son and whatever i can play all the notes but not as fast as the recording. If i try to go faster i forget the notes and my accuracy is not good.
so what im asking is how do i go about playing a song all the way up to speed?
and how long does it take for you guys to learn a new riff or song?
Just get out your metronome, and practice the riff everyday, do it perfectly at slower speeds and slowly move up, taking care to be 100% accurate. Before you know it you will be up to speed.
Play them slowly and you'll get faster. I personally don't bother to focus on speed because it comes naturally after playing for a few years. However, some other people feel the need to practice speed, and thats fine for them.
A very common question and a very common problem for us all. What you have to do is learn the songs you want, or the licks you are trying to play, slowly. Learn to play them slow with no issues, and then increase the rate you play it slowly. Better yet, play the song you want to learn using Windows Media player. It has a setting where you can slow the speed down to about 50 percent... as you get better, go up on the speed and just keep at it ya hurd!
What i found helpful to do is if there is a tab for the song on GuitarPro or PowerTab, you can slow down the tempo. It's kind of like the Windows Media Player thing Feilong29 suggested, but this way you can also see the notes you need to play incase you forget, and has the exact timing down (Quarter, Half, Eight, Sixteenth. DAMN THE SIXTEENTHS).
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