Hey guys
I wanted to get some feedback on how you guys think our songs are. They are all original recordings done in a bedroom in one of my friends' house, haha. I wanted to know if there is anything more we can improve on before we enter a professional studio and drop thousands of dollars on our debut album.
The website is The Darkness Peering

Also check out our solos on the tracks and let me know what you think of those in particular, and the guitar work on the songs themselves!
Thanks guys!
the singer could use a little more versatility with his screaming. vengance is your best one, so mtry to work on that first and make it the best
Uhh, you don't play in rhythm sometimes :-/

And yeah, maybe a bit more "flexible" voice.
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I dont want to come off as abrasive, but thats hardly original. Its not bad, there's some timing issues.
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you guys actually are really good....the vocals sound a lot like log wich is alright I guess but the guitar work I really love....gj man
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Thanks for the feedback guys! I am well aware of the timing issues, a lot of it stems from the quality of the recording unfortunately. It is really just a home recording so we are definitely going to overcome that. We play in time live, the recording is just to show some example of how we actually sound. My vocals on the other hand have evolved from what they sound like there, I will post some live videos after our show on wednesday and hope for some comments on those. Thanks very much and keep me updated with more feedback and comments!
Thanks guys!
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you guys actually are really good....the vocals sound a lot like log wich is alright I guess but the guitar work I really love....gj man

Not very progressive either...and I say find a Dio/Halford type singer, and this would be REALLY good Heavy Metal. Especially after you guys practice and get really tight in your playing. I love the riffs, and the vocals aren't bad, but I think they do detract from some great classic metal riffing on you alls part.

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And maybe the title is a bit confusing, it is by no means an original STYLE of metal, I meant more along the lines of original songs haha, it sounds like some bands mixed together so in that respect you are correct in saying it isn't an original brand of metal perse', but thanks for the feedback!
Hey guys check out the myspace, we just updated it with pictures from the show.
Also we have a video of May the Skies Rain Ashes from the show as well, unfortunately it starts after the first verse. Please please please comment on the myspace and give us feedback here because we are going into the studio very soon to record our DEBUT album. Any comments and constructive criticism/feedback is much appreciated!