A 3 or 4 months ago I had to get the neck adjusted on my Taylor, I brought it in to my local music store because the A string when struck was making an irritable buzzing noise. The guy adjusted the neck for me, and I figured it was because I had switched from .12s to .11s that the neck needed an adjustment. Now I am getting the same exact buzzing noise but the strings aren't any different than when I had them changed, except for my high E string which broke a few days ago so I had to slap on an E string from a pack of .12s I had (the rest are .11s)

Could that have possibly caused my neck to get a little messed up again?
I am not that sure bout it.. But I only got the neck adjusted once and didn't have to do it again, And I did replace a couple of strings with strings of a different size.. didn't effect anything.. worked like a charm
It doesn't sound like it's the string tension that's the problem. The guitar should have adjusted to the strings within the first week.

It sounds like the problem here may be humidity. What guitar do you have? It it solid top? As well, what kind of climate do you live in? Is it currently cold outside? Do you have your heater on?
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chances are the neck isn't the problem - i almost need my necks adjusted. captivate has probably got it. if you have very low action, changes in humidity and temperature can cause changes in the wood of your guitar.