So I want to get a new amp, because right now I'm using a peavey vypyr, but I want something more... professional, for lack of a better word. I don't want to use a modeling amp anymore, basically. But I don't have a whole lot of money either, so I was looking at the different combo amps, and found these two:

Peavey Rage 258

Marshall MG15FX

The amps don't have to be very big, because they're just for inside practice. Which of these do you think would be better (I would be using the clean channels because I have a distortion pedal)? Or if neither, what amp in this price range or maybe a little more would be good for finding my own sound?
Why would you think the MG15 would be more "Professional" than the Vypyr? It would be exactly the opposite. The bigger Vypyrs you could do a properly gig with. I guess you could with the bigger MGs too but it definitely wouldn't be quite as polished. Why don't you want to use a modeling amp? You won't get anything that sounds more "Professional" in that price range.

What distortion pedal are you using? It might be worth selling that and putting some of the money towards a better amp.
Well, I guess what I meant was that I wanted something more simple? There's just something about the idea of a modeling amp that I don't like. I don't know.
If you could try and think what that idea was it might be a lot easier to help you.

I got rid of my modeler for an AC4TV and I don't regeret it. But my price range was a little above yours. I'd rather have kept the modeler too as well.