so i was wondering, i have a jackson dk2 wich i love! but i dont see the difference between the neck and middle pickups(single coils) and i want to have a neck hambuker
do you know if a guitar tech or luthier as we say here in argentina can make a space for a hambuker in the same place of my single coil in the neck?¿ or i will have to buy one of those hambuker single coil spaced?? because i want a really versatile guitar, and i was thinking of a dimarzio paf pro, or a alnico 2 pro of seymour duncan, i mean a good warm hambuker for cleans and good for smoothy solos like fato to black etc,
see your opinions, sorry for my eanglish and remark my errors pleace
On a guitar without a scratchplate, it is much easier to put in a stacked humbucker (the same size as a single coil). That is what I would recommend.