Does any one have any experience with the B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Jr. V ? The features on it, such as the pearl binding and the OFR seem to good to be true for $700.
Any one know where it's made? whats the quality of the guitar? thanks!
What amp? What genre?
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Ive played one and I actually like it.
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I've got this one, but mine has got a transparent green main body and headstock colour, and without the binding, a widow headstock and it came with BDSM pickups.

Its a great guitar, I have a bass bag for it (laugh) but its very good, very comfy and light. I'm not a fan of EMG, but you might! Get it used, as long as it isn't damaged. Mine is used and it was 60% of the price.
Can't really help further.