I'm currently using regular slinky strings. I can bend them fine, just not as well as I'd like. I do bend from the wrist too. The tips of my fingers are just throbbing after a little bit of practice. I'm wondering if I should switch to super slinkys.
next time you buy strings, buy one pack of each string, and just try the supers first. if you don't like them, then you still have regulars to put on
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Yeah I doubt it's the strings. If Regular slinkys are really hurting your fingers any strings will. But you may prefer the feel of Super's anyways. They'll be lighter and easier to fret. Personally I've tried out all the Ernie Ball's recently and I like different gauges for different stuff. I have Hybrid Slinkys on one guitar, Heavy Top Slinky Bottom's on another, and then I have one with Super Slinkys. Personally I think the tonal quality of the string is more important than it's feel so you may want to try strengthening your fingers/hand rather than using lighter strings. You'll find they have more twang, and overly bright sound in my opinion.
It's the tips of my fingers. Not the fingers themselves. My fingers aren't the strongest, but they aren't weak either. The calluses on my fingers take forever to build, idk if it has to do with the constant sweat or w.e, I play everyday for at least an hour.

Guess i'll just test some different strings out, find the ones that are or me.
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I really like the feel and tone of the super slinkies, but it's all really a matter of preference. I use the super slinky .09s, and they suit my needs very well. I play hard rock, rock, pop, punk, and metal, and they suit for all of them. They're really nice, and I would reccommend them.
Could be the strings, when I switched from .09's to .08's I really felt the difference.