So, I have a Damien Special and it has EMG Hz H4/H4A humbuckers in it. I had .11's on it and the tone was fine, but I wanted thicker strings so I switched to .12's and now my tone is disgustingly muddy.

I love the feel of the new gauge much better than anything I've done before so I want to keep them. So what can I do to fix my mud, UG?
what tuning, sometimes to get that 'crunch' you need slightly lighter strings than you think. for example a set of 11s of my guitar in C# standard sounds alot better than when i had 12s in the same tuning
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if you had Seymour Duncan you wouldn't have that problem
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try turning down your gain, as thicker strings vibrate with more strength than thinner, so that might cause some of your mud, also try turning down the bass a little
I'm tuned one step down and I've messed with pickup height and it all just kinda sounded the same so that's why I'm thinking I should change pickups.