OK, right now, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and a Peavey Rage 258. They both suck. I still love my guitar. But the fact still reamains. It sucks. The amp does too. I HATE the tone of them together. I tried turning my tone knob all the way down, but that sounds like sh*t. It's not my playing, because I played the same thing on my friend's Gibson Les Paul Custom and JCM 900 and it sounds exactly like Slash. I getting an Epiphone Les Paul 1956 Goldtop (remake/reissue type thing) and will probably end up putting Alnico Pro II's on it, so that will probably help some. I was thinking about this too: My guitar has a auxhilary in/direct out jack, so could I get a Marshall amp head and plug it on to my amp???

I know I won't sound exactly like him, I just want to do a few things that will make it a little closer.

My current settings for my amp: low-0 mid-10 high- 10. I know it needs to be changed.
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Getting a new guitar won't help one bit.
Neither will plugging anything into your current amp.

Basically you need a new amp.
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definately work with ur eq some and if u still cant get it get a different amp it will make more of a difference than the guitar in ur tone

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Well first having epiphones cheapest les paul isnt going to help . And the 1956 goldtop has P-90's which wont get you anywhere near slashs tone.You'll want maybe an epiphone Les paul standard with seymour duncan alnico 2's and either a silver jubilee , jcm800/900 or a slash 2555.

But realisticly you will never sound like him unless you are him
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your amp sucks. your guitar sucks.

fix those two problems and then you can worry about getting a slash tone.
1. Get a better amp first. Slash's tone = tube amp. You won't get the sound out of a mediocre SS amp with an awful 8-inch speaker.
2. Even if you've got the original Marshall Plexi, it would sound like shite when plugged into 8-inch speaker, I mean come ON. Get an amp with a reasonable speaker (at least 10 inches, preferably 12' or even 2x12')
3. JCM900 certainly DOESN'T sound exactly like Slash But it's kinda like the type of tone you're after, British style.
4. Don't get the Epi, there are many better guitars out there. Plus, the Goldtop has P90s so it's not the typical Slash-type sound you're after.

Just buy some nice British-voiced tube amp for 500 bucks, not necessarily Marshall (don't be a fanboy). Laney VC series are quite OK, old Laney AOR should do the job as well as it is (technically) something like Marshall JCM800 clone.
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Try getting a (used) Marshall JCM 800/900/Vintage Modern combo + a good Les Paul copy, I don't know much about LP copies but the people here will help you to get a good one too.
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There really isnt much you can do with the rage series amps. You need to save some money and buy a good amp.

One thing your going to have to consider with the goldtop your buying is that a set of humbuckers arent gonna drop in it. The route for p90s is longer and narrower. You can route it wider but cant make the exisiting hole shorter. So you may want to find a LP that already comes with humbuckers.
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But really, Replace your amp, but what about when you want a tone different then slash, find your own tone.
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a lot of Slash's tone comes out of a Gibson Les Paul gold top, with original pickups, on the rhythm pickup. yes a Les Paul shaped guitar (not necessarily a Gibson), and a Marshall (not mg) will help get the slash tone. the only bass slash gets in his tone is from the rhythm pickup
As everyone has already said, the goldtop has p90's which is not what your after. Head over to rondomusic.com, and take a look at the Agile AL series guitars, they are really nice les paul copies.

Try and find a peavey windsor 100w tube head and get a 2x12 or more cab. The windsor is like a poor mans jcm some say.

Work on your eq, never max anything out. He dosen't use alot of gain, I find mids about 7 or 8, trelbe around 6 or 7, and bass at about 6 or 7 or maybe a bit less works well for me with depending on the song I have the gain on fairly low.
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Bass needs to be turned up and treble and mids need to be turned down.
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