So how can someone find out if they are tone deaf? I did an ear interval trainer on ricci adams musictheory and got 11 out of 32. Its not like I consider this a test score or anything, just when I was younger I had a friend who told me I was tone deaf and it really got to me. I recently tried singing and I kind of sucked. So either I'm tone deaf or I just suck at singing.

tldr: I think I'm tone deaf but I'm not sure so I'm trying to find a way to find out.

Any help is appreciated. Even a nudge in the right direction.
Well, if you can tell you're out of tune singing, then I don't think you're tone deaf. You just suck at singing. Don't worry, I suck too
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dont worry bout it bro not every one can sing good so you just have to work at it.
like me im not the greatest singer since i just started a yr ago but ive gotten a hell of a lot better
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If you were tone deaf, every note would sound the same to you, and you wouldn't be able to tell if the pitch of a note went up or down. It's very unlikely that you would have any interest in music and also unlikely that you'd play guitar. Tone deafness is very rare.
If you got 11/32 you're not tone deaf. If you got 0/32 consistently (allowing for margin of guessing), then you would probably be tone deaf. Tone deaf is when you can't differentiate any frequencies, no exceptions.

Ear training just takes a while to work at it and get good at it. Practice and get used to the sounds of intervals.
I think people need to learn to view your voice as just another instrument that takes WORK and PRACTICE to keep up, just like any other. You're not going to sound amazing the first time you sing if you don't work your voice.
Do you love listening to music? If you were tone deaf you probably would care about music. My guess is you have a very underdeveloped ear. It's definitely something you can improve on. It takes time, just like learning an instrument, but as your ear improves you'll get a lot more satisfaction out of playing guitar.
Hey, you can't really say that you're tone-deaf by just taking that interval ear trainer. It needs practice to identify all the intervals even up to 90%.

Do you find a difference between a C and a G?

If you can, then don't worry. Learn how to practice intervals. It takes a lot of practice.
If you were tone deaf, you probably wouldn't enjoy music at all. It would just sound like the same mono-tone drawl. I don't think you'd be attracted to a guitar forum due to it's use of different notes, maybe a drum forum?

You aren't tone deaf.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
i think its pretty rare for people to actually be tone deaf. my mom said she knew one guy who was. but most of the time, its just that they arent very good at controlling their voice (if they are singing). most of the time they just need some training. everyone is different. some people learn how to hear pitches faster than others.
A lot of people are confusing "tone deaf" with "not being naturally musical". There is a massive difference.

If you were tone deaf, you could not distinguish between different tones at all. That means there would be no low notes or high notes, just notes. Not a range of notes. Just one. Tone deaf.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.