In my band, the other guitarist plays straight through our PA, as he does not have any amp larger than a little practice amp.

The tone doesn't sound very good, but we've just put up with it. The PA only has one knob for gain, one for reverb, and one tone knob per channel.

So I was wondering, would an EQ pedal before the PA make the guitar sound significantly better? I know the real solution is a new amp, but the money may not be around anytime soon.

Thank you in advance for any help/advice.


EDIT: If an EQ pedal is the way to go, are there any you could recommend/things I should look for/advice on how to correctly use one?
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An EQ can really give some good tonal variation. I am personally looking to purchase an MXR 10-band for my Valveking to get me the tones i want!!
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an EQ would do wonders. also an overdrive or distortion pedal would probably help a lot too.
Maybe, but i would get a multieffects pedal, for more tonal control and amp models.
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An EQ might help a little bit, but it's probably still not gonna sound good. You'll want an amp simulator, check tech 21 sanamp series, that's your best bet
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Maybe, but i would get a multieffects pedal, for more tonal control and amp models.

... and you can probably get a used one for no more than the EQ would cost.
I second the Multi-FX suggestion. Look for a Vox Tonelab.
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Why doesn't he buy a guitar amp?
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he has a practice amp....
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what is your bandmate willing to spend? one of the tech 21 SansAmp Character series could work, they are supposed to be nice going into a PA and will give a more amp-like sound to his playing. $150 each, which isnt too much, but if money is really an issue that might be too much.

if he wants to keep things under $100 i would suggest a danelecto fish 'n chips eq and a digitech bad monkey. fish and chips to set up some tone shaping, then use the bad monkey's mixer out to go to the board. gives the option of adding some grit to things with the BM as well, or just set the gain down and use it for some more tone shaping.

best bet would be a good DI pedal, but at that point you might be able to score a decent amp used. if i had to go into the pa straight, a good m-fx or good di would be my choice though.
Bollocks. You can't use an EQ to fix crap tone, there's a lot more going on in a guitar amp and the speakers than just a change of frequncies, that makes a guitar sound good.

For the price of an EQ pedal you could buy a damn POD!

Even a top-notch modeller won't sound great, if you're using a crap PA, but it'll be a hundredfold improvement on a DI'd guitar through a bloody stompbox equalizer!
to answer your question, no.

looking at your situation, an EQ pedal will not save the day. kyle62 is correct. there's a lot more happening in a guitar amp than we all think. EQ pedals are really starting to get overrated around here.

i suggest listening to the mod.

anyway, what exactly is your friend's budget? maybe we can help a little more here.
^ starting? eqs pedals are one of the most over rated things in GG&A and have been for a while. however, in this case an eq could work if used in conjunction with another couple pedals. something cheap like the fish and chips will give something better than just that single tone control on the PA, but its not going to 'save the day' so to speak.

but yeah, budget would be really helpful here.
the best solution is to just save up for an amp. there are amps out that are very friendly to your bank account these days. a little saving wouldn't hurt. if youve been putting up with it for this long why not just wait it out a bit more and he can just get a new amp? after buying all the pedals youd need to get the pa system to sound remotely like a guitar amp, youd almost spent the price of a bugera 1990. you can get windsor heads for 280. plus if you look used at some stuff you can find it on the cheap.
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Thanks for the help guys, in short the answer is "No, the EQ will not be worth it."

I think he's gonna try to use Christmas to get a new amp.