hello guys...need advice. i know this has been asked a million times...though my question is a little different

whats a great recording software that has effects as well and is the cheapest.

there used to be the guitar pro.

and also another one was Native Instruments guitar rig...

but i dont know which one gives the most bang for the buck.. so need a little input.

problem is that native instrument seems nice..but than there are so so so many packages by native instruments that its so confusing!

i dont want to spend more than $150...need something through which i can layer tracks. dont want super high studio quality since i know for that one needs thousands of $$$s.

by the way, i do have a boss me-50 effects processor...but dont really need to connect the processor to the computer necssarily.

and it wud be great if i can layer backing tracks on it too..

i have done all this pretty successfully in the past using audacity and adobe audition and connection my me-50 processor to the sound card (a creative SB audigy 64bits)...but trouble with this is that it involves too too many wirings and hassles and its just not worth it..i am tired of that. i saw some youtube videos where ppl have some nice all-in-one solutions, that dont cost much either.