I've got a few questions:

How exactly do you know what kind of pick-ups to get? It's not like you can just pop them in and give them a try. I'd like to swap out the stock pick-ups in my G400 for something better, but I don't really know how to choose. I can read product descriptions on websites, but all they do is make every pick-up sound amazing. I was thinking of trying the 490R and 498T that come in a Gibson SG... thoughts?

I've also read that a nut other than the stock plastic one is a good idea. What are your preferences, graphite? bone? Why??

Lastly, does anybody know of a site that sells '62 Reissue shaped pick-guards fitted for the Epiphones? I can only find ones that claim they only fit Gibson, and NOT Epiphones. I'd really like a pick-guard with some stylin' picture on it. That isn't very hard to install right? Just unscrew my old one and screw in the new?


I guess it's worth mentioning that I'm looking for a sound similar to The Used live sound and Bayside. Good distortion, but nice warm cleans...
Hmm for pickguards, try this site: greasygroove.com
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Quote by iTim
Hmm for pickguards, try this site: greasygroove.com

Yeah, I've looked there. I like their designs, but it says they are only for Gibsons. Also, it looks like they are all flat, unless they specify "Three-Ply." I wanted a raised one like i have now, not one that is flat to the body like on most acoustics.