Well, I'll try to make a quick and easy thread to get a answer a bit quicker. I don't got the best gear ever (Just a vypyr and a RP500 to my name, great for my time of playing though!).

Now, I like the effects as Satch playing with so many really got me into guitar, but whenever I try to use the pedal's distortion over the amp's clean channel, generally the knock off of a twin reverb, it sounds like shit. If I use the same distortion on my Crate 15watt is sounds a heap load better.

Is it the volume I have the Peavey on or is it quality levels being different? Thanks in advance!
Well, the general consensus is that pedals through modeling amps (like the vypyr) sounds like shite, so I think it's normal.
Turn the cab and amp modeling off on the RP.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Ah, well Christmas is coming round and my parent's are getting raises up the ass cause the firm likes them so much. (Yeah, I'm a younger kid but I'm trying my best to behave and not be a idiot )

If the modeling amps suck, what would be a good combo amp for a Intermediate player? Or is the vypyr just fine?

And I will in a bit Stratman, I'll update you on the results of that, liking the input so far.