I have finally narrowed down my choices to these two guitars:

PRS SE Custom 24

Sterling by Music Man JP50

I've read great things about both, and I know that UG is heavily biased towards PRS (or so it seems). So I was wondering which one you would recommend and WHY? My budget is about $600 tax included. I know that amps are mostly the sound, and I'll probably be getting the Peavey Valveking 112 or B-52 AT112 soon. I have a great passion for metal (though I do enjoy playing some classical, jazz, etc.), so I would like this to be based mainly towards that.

I really like that both have a non-locking tremolo, and I've heard that the JP50's tremolo is a push and pull tremolo. Is that the same with the PRS?

I haven't had the chance to play the JP50, but I've noticed necks don't seem to bother me TOO much. As long as it's not strat-thick. But I've heard it's pretty slim, unless someone can contradict that. I did play a PRS SE Paul Allender signature, and I remember really enjoying the neck. It felt very thin and comfortable.

Anyways, any info on the two would be great. Thanks for all help!
I definitely think you would be happier with the PRS, Its a dream to play.

I dont know how much of a big deal it is but you cant lift on the tremolo only push, and the piece of neck in the back where it connects to the body can get in the way at first as it extends almost to the 17th fret, but you'll quickly get used to it as it doesnt impede you.
If you haven't bought your guitar yet you are in luck. PRS is updating their lineup substantially. Virtually all of the SEs have lower prices including the SE Custom 24 (which I think is a great guitar for the price). If you are looking for something just a bit wilder, I have a PRS SE Paul Allender (still sealed, new) for $499 plus shipping. People either love these or hate them.
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