Hai guys! long time reader, virgin poster. I've seen all the sickkkkkk talent and everyone who know like everyyything there is so I have a question. I've lucked into the chance of getting a custom guitar built and i've been pondering over pickup combinations to get it routed for, given I can pretty much have whatever I want theres alot of shit to choose from. The combination I've been thinking about most is a hum/(angled) single coil/ P90 dog ear, as retarded as that sounds, would it all work together nicely? like before I tell him what I want done, wanna get this shiatt picked out
thanks alot for looking, and hopefully helping!
***attached is a mockup of sorts just for visual reference***
Picture 7.png
I would never recomend that....but if you had the right pickups (in terms of output and sound) it could work.
Yeah, it would work fine. It's somewhere in the middle of an HSS and an HSH setup. I myself might actually get a crap-strat and do that. It should work just fine.
ahahaa its pretty ugly I know, but I have this affinity to weird shit aha, thanks for the input! If I go this route I'll make sure the pickups are somewhat compatible with eachother
@Baby Joel- Thanks guy! the emotional support really helps! ahah I just figured I'd give it a try, haven't really seen anything like this done before so efff it why not?
you may have serious problems with the wiring and managing the output levels of all of those pickups. Volume would be a problem you would need like 3 distinct tone pots and at least 2 volume ones.
I'm assuming you want a passive humbucker for the bridge, if you want an active one then i hope that the guy has some skills.
Anyway, wouldnt you prefer a humbucking split-coil pickup on the neck?
@J.J.G.- Yeah all the pickups would be passive, and thanks for the tone/volume suggestions! I'm not tooo worried with the neck being coil tapped or anything, the p90 just looks too cool there ahah. thanks!
btwwwww does anyone have any inputs with regards to how the electronics might work, with regards to types of pots/what kind all that jazz, like J.J.G. said all the pickups would require individual tone knobs, so what kind of pots would be suggested for all this to flow nicely?
500K, I'm thinking. I have no experience the P90s, though.

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alright thanks! although I mightt be having second thoughts about including the p90, because thats 3 tone, and atleast 2 volume, and then a selector switch....thats alot of knobs.....on a les paul style body. should I strive forward with the p90 and let it grow on me or schwat?
how about a coil-tapping humbucker in the bridge and a humbucker sized p90 in the neck, it'll look coherent at least
Quote by lozlovesstrats
...a humbucker sized p90 in the neck, it'll look coherent at least

I'm with this guy. You can check out the humbucker sized P90s on guitarfetish -- very cheap and are said to be excellent.

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I have a strat with HSS setup and im thinking of changing the pickups to P90(bridge), SC (middle) and a mini humbucker in neck position.

Would that work and do i need to change a lot of the electronics?

Sorry if the questions seems stupid. I dont have much experience in theese things.
not sure how to close threads?...... it can be closed whenever a mod can. thanks!
i like the humbucker, single coil, and p-90 idea. thatd be sirrrrk. personally i wouldnt mind all the knobs and stuff. i think if you could get it all together itd be epic.
So what did you decide on? Don't forget to show the guitar to us when it's done!

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I'd like to suggest something, just for appearance sakes. I think the P90 would look better if it was a humbucker sized P90, something like a P94.

As for the tonality, definitely it would work. Although I'd much prefer the P90 at the bridge and the humbucker at the neck. You'd get the raw overdrive P90 tone for rock and then the humbucker would give jazzy deep tones.
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awww you guys are too great! no doubt no doubt it would be epic as tiiiiits man. I'm still not quite sure, taking all the opinions into consideration, but I will for sureee let you guys know regardless of what I do, thanks again thurrr fellas