I was considering replacing the fixed bridge on my Ibanez IJX121 (Ibanez RG knock off) with an Edge III bridge. I was just wondering if it was possible and how difficult it would be if it was.
Not worth the money. You're gonna spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars doing this to your guitar. I'm gonna assume you'll have it professionally done. And what do you have in the end? A guitar that is still worth less than what you bought it for. Save up and buy a guitar that comes with one.

EDIT: To answer your questoin, it is possible
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anythings possible. that project would be about as difficult as it gets. you would have to route the front of the body and mount the bridge precisely enough that the movable saddles would be able to intonate within their range of travel within the bridge itself. you would also have to route out the back to mount the tremolo springs making sure that you leave enough room to get the springs to proper tension but not to route out too much wood and weaken the neck joint area. im not trying to discourage your learning of guitar modding but i would advise you not to try out anything like that on a guitar thats not junk because things like that usually make you screw up the first few times you try. like dan earlywine says "practice on junk, practice on junk, practice on junk. and also consider that you could buy an ibanez with a double locking tremolo for the price of the tools you would need to do it alone/