i have this ''situation''...

ive been playing guitar for about 4 years now (havnt written song before) ... i know theory aswell

im writing a metal song ( think Trivium/ATR/B4MV/KSE) yes thats right Metal ... not -Core
so heres my problem ... im trying to write songs in that genre and i come out writing some hardcore stuff ( Parkway drive) ect....

how do i go about writing like those bands

before you all jump in and ambush me... i know your gonna come out saying '' write your own genre'' theres soo many genres you cant end up sounding like someone... and id rather it be Trivium than these ''Core'' bands

i dont want this thred becoming a metal Vs -core thred and dont tell me '' you deekheadd all those bands you posted are all core bands thanks

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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
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You can try analyzing the theory behind Trivium's music and look for recurring elements.
Well, start learning songs by those bands. Start with your favorites, your absolute top 3 favorite from each band, and when you get done, not only will you be technically assured, but you'll have the FEEL of how those bands write, play, and construct their songs. That's the best advice I can give.
I would say only listen to those band for awhile nothing else get a feel for their styles etc.
You can start by looking at tabs or whatnot from those bands and, knowing some theory, figure out why they sound they way they do. You can figure out what chords and scales being used and then experiment with them when writing your own song.
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You shouldn't really use the word hardcore to describe modern bands. Anyways.

Just write whatever sounds good. Trying to "go for a sound" usually ends up with something that sounds like a half assed impersonation instead of your own song.
I must agree with SilverHammer. When I'm writing riffs, the most I ever pull from one of the numerous bands I listen to is basic inspiration, sometimes ill be listening to a song and here the basic idea or form of a riff and think, "I can do something with that basic idea, and make it my own", but you should never set out and try to make your song sound like something along the lines of a song that already exists. Half assed impersonation = no goodie.
ahh ok ill try take all the tips on board, and forget trying to do a ''half assed version of a song''

in the four years ive played ive never really played with anyone else... would it be wise to get one of my friends that plays guitar over hear and go '' hey mannnghhh i need your help writing a song for a collage assignment''
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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
Just sit down, warm up, and just relax. Then try to think of riffs and record, put them into a transcription program or write them down, then take the riffs you think will work with eachother and put them together.
That's a basic way to write songs,
Later you might want to start deviating from that form of songwriting and write melodic directions.
Those bands use a lot of palm muting, pinch harmonics, octaves, harmonic riffs, sweeps, tapping etc. I'm going to assume that you're fluent with those techniques so I would say tune down to drop D and play Like Light To Flies riff and just experiment. Ascendancy is in D minor so just stick that album on and jam with it, if nothing else you'll probably come up with a couple of riffs that you like, then try adding a harmony and chord progression and see how it comes out.
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