I am trying to tab the new song "Idle Blood" from Katatonia, but I need your help.
I know they use a capo, but i can't find where they put it and where they do their chords... I've found the notes they are playing, but not how.






I know last part isn't right.
My personal thoughts are that the capo is at the 3rd or 8th frets.
Hi, I tabbed the complete song but recently I'm finishing some details (mistakes), I suppose the song is tuned down 1 step (D Tuning), not with Capo. Is easier in D Tuning, example of Intro:


Sorry for my bad english
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Chords for the Verse:


Good Luck!
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alixirae, it'd be great if you write the whole Idle Blood's theme in D tuning, not only intro. Thanks for great tabbing. =)
It looks great so far but I agree, the whole song would be great to see. Every part of this song really works together. Hopefully you can get the tabs out.
Hi, sorry for the delay, I've been extremely busy with university, I officially publish the tablature soon, approximately in 2 weeks, be patient, thanks for the comments.
Approximately in 5 days I will post the guitar pro of Idle Blood, this content all instruments and voice, stay pending, sorry for my bad english.
I'm pretty sure the acoustic is capoed on the 3rd fret if you're playing it in standard tuning, but I'm interested to see Alexirae's tab as well. Looking forward to it.

It's definitely not the 8th fret, because you can hear a low G note in there, which would be impossible if capoing on the 8th. The lowest chord played in the song is a G Major (played as an open E when capoed), right before it shifts to Bm (again, played as a G#minor with the capo in place) for the first verse.
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Then again, it very well could be tuned down to C as their songs usually are, and capoed on the second to play it the way Alexirae has explained. You can definitely hear a lot of fingers sliding around in the song, indicated by the string squeaks.
Maybe it's correct you think about the C Tuning , is the standard Katatonia's tuning, but not all people have a capo, in this case the easy way to play it is tuning the guitar 1 step down (D tuning), however, I will publish in Guitar Pro the tab and all be free to modify the tuning
Finally, the guitar pro of idle blood has been published, thanks for waiting, comments are welcome.