I've been arranging to play a cover at a venue local to me. I'm 16.

I've gotten the numbers off the internet of several venues who host open mic nights.

I intend on calling them later today, to see if it really is live music and not karaoke.

I've got a 15w practice amp that could be miked to a PA, but I'm not sure if these places have PA systems.
how big is the venue? if its just ur amp and no drums or anything, just crank it and turn up the mids and ul cut through the whole place no problem if its just a bar open mic night thing

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It's great to see some initiative on your behalf. If it's just you playing and singing, you may want to take your acoustic and get an acoustic pickup for it.

If it's with a band, that 15 watt-er will have to be upgraded.
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but I'm not sure if these places have PA systems.
They would have to, if they're having open mic night.
No way would all the different acts bring their own PA.
That would be a nightmare for setup/teardowns.
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sounds good to me. A lot of those places that have open mics, just want to get someone up there playing, and will let pretty much anyone play. Some even have house musicians that can fill in the rest of the song for you.