Alright, so i'm writing an essay about this artist/specific painting.

The title is 'Couple in Bed' by Philip Guston. 1977.

I've already analyzed the subject matter to hell, what i'm looking for now is anything partaining to the actual painting, that is, the way it is painted.

Techniques used...brushstrokes...remarks about color, etc. So if ANY of you are familiar with general terms used to describe the way that artwork is created, please, i really need your help. It's the one section of this essay that i'm just terrible at.

I'd really appreciate it, thanks.

Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
The "couple" in bed are portrayed as two long meat-like substances, thus perfectly describing phallic objects. The fact that they are touching may imply that the artist is, in fact, gay.
Well I clearly see some use of Titanium White here, and maybe a little Midnicht Black though I'm not really sure. Ah also some Van Dyke Brown I think.

Glad to help!
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Well, it was painted only a couple of years before his death, during the downfall of his health. So i could see why it would be confusing perhaps.

It's mainly about how he never forgets his artwork, keeps it at the top of his priority list no matter what is going on. (Obviously Sex in this case). That's why he's holding his paintbrushes, has a watch on, and his shoes.

All of that aside...i wasn't sure how to actually anaylze the physical painting. So far all i can think of is that it's generally trying to point your focus on his arm. But i don't know...

EDIT: Haha. Yes. This man is indeed gay. The portrait of himself is intended to be that of his own johnson.

HA! That's hilarious.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
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do you see the face in the upper left corner?
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the guy(or who i assume is the guy) is wearing a watch and giving a thumbs up. almost as if he knows that we(the viewers) are watching them make love. So what you would first imagine is that we are just voyeurs watching two people cuddle or have sex, turns out to be something which the guy in the painting knows as well, and so he acknowledges our existence by giving a thumbs up. the watch...well the watch gives me the implication that he means business...and business is good.

hmmm but the person on the left (who i assume is the guy) is in the fetal position, which isn't very sexual. and his feet are exposed yet he is still wearing sandals/flipflops while in bed.

this is a tricky photo

edit again: actually, maybe this intimate moment is "revealing" more about the person of the left. and so that is symbolized by the fact we see his arms, legs etc. we have caught him in a moment where he is exposed in more ways than one.

Edit x3: also maybe the triangle is just a very simple way of saying a love triangle? or is that too obvious..
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Well, I don't want to analyze this for you, but I'll point out a few things you should take notice of and form an opinion about.
Remember, analyzing art is completely subjective. If you think it means something, write it down!

So here are some things:

The watch - maybe it means something in regards to time, or something
The things in the dudes hand - what he was doing?
The triangle board with holes on the bed - ?
Shoes - why the heck is the dude wearing them?

The bed appears to be floating, maybe as if the guy is dreaming?

Hope that helped
feel free to ask questions