alright so today i was jamming with a buddy and i went to turn my peavey penta on and realised that the clean channel was abnormally quiet. I needed to turn the master up to about 4 where as normally it would be at 1 for the same volume. and when i turn it to the distortion channel its normal volume. I'm trying to figure out whats wrong? The only thing I can think of is a blown tube? anyone have any ideas?
That sounds like a blown preamp tube, definitely. It could be something else too but it's most likely a tube, I think V2 is the clean channel driver on that amp.
alright, thanks for the tip, i'm gunna go take a look and see if i can see anythin.
Hmm I looked but I don't know which tube is the clean preamp tube. they're arranged like an L , how could I tell?