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What OD Suggestions do you have for a nice alt rock tone. I had a TS9 and was not thoroughly impressed. I'm eyein up the Fulltone OCD but am still not sure of what I totally want. Distortion wise I have a DS-2 and am going to grab up on a Turbo Rat so I'm looking for another type of OD / Distortion tone. Any suggestions?

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Vox V810 Valve Tone if you can find one, they're nick and thick and go great on top of distortions or amp distortion. I got mine for $50 at GC but ended up selling it for $120 on Craigslist to help buy a new cab.

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You may want to check out the Danelectro Cool Cat Drive and Distortion, the drive is good for anything from blues- rock. To me it's a marshall in a box, and I would say it gets an excellent JCM 800/900 tone. The distortion is heavier, you may like it more but I ended up liking the Drive more
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Subdecay Liquid Sunshine


Although you definitely can't go wrong with the OCD.

Maybe a Crowther Hotcake?


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I like the Satchurator I played.
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I use an MXR GT-OD, it sounds amazing, honestly, great as an overdrive, and it can get quite gritty too, i use it to get a warm crunchy tone, sometimes when i'm on my computer i keep my guitar on my lap, strumming my strings just to hear the crunch
i love this pedal :-)
I listened to the MXR GT-OD and was impressed with its sound for 99$. The Jetter GSG sounded really good. I also enjoyed the Subdecay but not as much. Now some of the other Subdecay's like Stupid Box and F-BOMB sounded really awesome. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

My Gear:
Guitars: Vintage LP, Martin DX-1, Epi Viola Bass,
Amps: Marshall JMD501
Effects: Empty Set right now