I would just like to point out that the [] is the chorus, the -- is a screaming part, and the () is a quieter part.

Dream of a still
Blank images
Truth in a lie
That's me again
Swallowed whole
With everything
Wasting away
Then think again

-Eye! I!
Live! Die!
In! My!

Lost in a daze
Sad emptiness
Human gaze
No happiness
Break the beliefs
Sound nothingness
Don't waste away
But think again

-screaming part-

[Wiping away all the sadness
taking away all the tears
Soaked in the blood of my aching
Breathing but dying away
Seen all the moments we live for
Breathing but dying away]

(The sun isn't out today
But the light won't come back anyways
Living with a fear of pain
Am I even f***ing sane?
All the ash and all the dust
Piecing together and falling apart)

-screaming part-