You gotta love the power from an VOX AC30 CC2. The clean is the best thing, the overdrive is very good too! I play mostly clean, and the main reason i brought the AC30 CC2 was beacause of the cleans and the possibility to dirty a little bit the clean tone... in my need of j scofield, Led zep, eric clapton, hendrix, guns, deep purple, i use a TS9DX to push the amp, and the tone is best thing i've ever heard in my life...

but i need a very tricky kinda tone, the one you can hear in "panama", since my band wants to do some covers of van halen ... i cant get that one from the vox with the TS9...

what pedal do you guys think that can get close to that kind of sound? wampler pinnacle is not a possibility since i cant get them here in europe... and i dont want to spend more than 100€ in a pedal that im gonna use for a couple of songs...

Maybe try to get EHX English Muff'n? It's not exactly 'the ultimate brown sound pedal', it's simply a Marshall-in-a-box tube pedal. Should work well with TS and push your amp into heavy rock territory easily. I've got mine used from the UK for about 100 euros including shipping and dedicated power adaptor.

EDIT: Pfff, what a useless advice from the guy above me, geez.
LOL a bit

hum, im gonna check that out, but i would like some names of pedals that could work good by themselfs... the pinnacle was a good option, but it is to expensive and i cant get them where i live... 100€ / 120€... i just dont want to know pedals that cost like 200€ and will only be used to play 1 or 2 songs...
The MI Audio Crunchbox does the whole "Marshall in a box" thing very well.


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Well, Muff'n works good by itself It's a great pedal and you could use it for the brown sound as well as some heavily distorted Hendrix-like craziness when set right, it's a versatile pedal especially when you couple it with an OD and a tube amp. So, it can sound like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeoJBqigJyo (I'm 99% sure that it's used in this video, seen his pedalboard from that tour)
...or like this, more tight:
Really useful if you ask me.

Where are you from?
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really coold pedal...no doubt, but thats not the kind of tone that i need...that tone, i can get with the vox ac30 and the TS9DX

i need something that sounds like :


but not price tagged like that pedal is... and something avaiable in europe :X

im from Portugal (NOT SPAIN)