I have the opportunity to buy a new Acoustic-brand 120 watt acoustic guitar/vocals amp (not their bass amp), but I can't find any information about the amp on-line. Even the company's website doesn't report making this model, though I saw it in person at a nation-wide guitar store. They said they had only one of the model, and I can't even find it listed anywhere on line for sale from anyone. I looked at the guitar store's website and they don't list carrying the item and, like the company, they don't even report that such an item exists... though I've seen it and put it on layaway at the store.

Does anyone know about this model? It is like all Acoustic-brand amps: Black with Robins Egg blue piping around the amp, and the words "AG120" on the top, right face. It sits on an angle for propping up or use as a monitor.

The price is $260 before tax, and the item is new. Why is there nothing on this amp that I can find?

Does anyone know anything about this amp???? Please??? It seems like a good deal, but I really feel like something isn't right because I can't find it mentioned anywhere.