Ok so I want an acoustic electric but don't want crappy tone. Also, I dont have a ton of money. I'm thinking somewhere between $300-400. whats a good one?
There are very few, if any, good choices in that price range for an acoustic electric. If you cannot stretch your budget another $100-200, you are probably better off buying a straight acoustic and putting an aftermarket pickup in it. The guitars in that price range will be made of crappy materials and crappy electronics.

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Ok well what could I get for $500-600? I already have put an after market pickup in my current acoustic and I would much rather have a straight acoustic electric.
Yep. Remember, just like you can't cheap out on an electric and still get good electronics and overall quality, both build and material, you also can't cheap out on an acoustic. In fact, I think acoustics hold to this rule much more truely than electrics since what you see is what you get. There are no mods you can do to an acoustic to make it sound better.
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