Obviously most In Flames songs are not in standard tuning. My question is, what about the acoustic songs, ex end part of Everydying, Moonshield, ect. All guitar pro tabs have them as anything but standard, you can transpose them to standard and it seems to sound right by my ear.... Comments??
Well atleast with Moonshield (The Jester Race album) the tuning is in standard (E) but tuned down 2 whole steps to C.

So yeah the songs should sound fine in E standard its just they're lower tunings...

I'm not too sure about ALL their songs but on that album its all Standard tuned down 2 steps.
Their electric guitars have always been in either D standard or C standard, but the acoustic songs have been several various tunings. They should all sound find if you transpose them into E standard. I don't see why not, unless you want to play along to the studio version.
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I don't think they've ever done D standard. It's all C standard up to Clayman. Clayman and after is in Drop A I believe.

Oh yeah. I forgot about the Drop A# stuff.

Subterranean and Lunar Strain were D standard though.