I hate posting this here because im not sure if their is anybody electronically savvy or experienced with this. But there IS a lot of people on UG so here goes.

I have two HiFonics 12's http://www.dealercostcaraudio.com/hf12s4.aspx

They are in a decently small sealed box.

Right now im running a JVC 100x2 rms 600w peak amplifier, its ok, it gets the job done. But Christmas is coming up and I can get a new amp, what is the best amp I can get to run these two subs (just for straight bass) between 100-180$?
Well, as for brands, there's a lot and of the top of my head, I can't really remember any that meets you exact needs, but getting a decent 2x300wrms amp for under $200 is a challenge I think. You _can_ get a 2x300wrms for $200, but not that is of any quality.
I've got a six channel, 4x75wrms + 2x150wrms @ 4ohms, which is a budget model, but I still had to pay about 450$ for it, when it was on sale.
As with all gear, wether it be guitar gear, or caraudio, save your money, save up and buy something better. For that amout your suggestion, you might as well stick with the one you already have.

EDIT: Now, it might be easier for you than for me to know, as I am not familiar with the prices overseas.
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