Looking to sell or trade my Jackson DK2.

Selling for $480 shipped USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation and insurance.
for trades:
if you have an unopened MW2 elite console, I'd do a straight up trade.

Schecter Hellraiser 7 (Floyd or NT)
Schecter Loomis 7 (floyd or NT)
Agile Interceptor or Intrepid (27" only, any color)
ESP LTD EC 1000 (white or vintage black)
ESP LTD M 1000 or MH1000 (White only, I know it's more or less the same, I'm just a sucker for white)

professionally set up for C# standard tuning, neck shim added for super low action
pickups: D-Sonic, Air Norton S, Chopper
trem blocked, great for drop B
frets cleaned and fretboard oiled

Issues: very slight pin head sized dings near tone knob and left of neck pup. Very hard to see unless you're actively looking for it under direct light.
Pickup selector switch has the black plastic nub removed, it just won't stay attached. It'll be included with the tools and and such.
The middle and neck pups were overtightened, so there is some warping of the plastic cover by the screws but does not affect pickup height adjustability. It's mainly an aesthetic concern. Picture 2 is an idea of what it looks like.

accessories: gig bag, whammy bar, lock nuts, allen wrenches, plastic nub for pickup selector.


Main priority is for MW2 Xbox, but send me any offers you have.
bump. will possibly consider:

Jackson RR3 or 5 (white or crimson red)
Xbox 360 Elite (jasper models, opened or brand new)

pm whatcha got.
bump. $430 shippped to your door!

or trades for 7 or 8 string guitars! Agile, Schecter, Ibanez
I have a brand new Xbox 360 elite 120 gig and 7 games with about 8 hours of playing time on it...still in original box I would trade for this guitar. Got it for Xmas...just don't use it. PM me if interested. I am in NY.
Ive got a like new condition Schecter Omen Extreme 7 id be willing to trade you
My Gear:
PRS SE Custom 24 7 string
Schecter C-1 Custom
Jackson SLSMG
Line 6 POD HD500X

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