noob question

OK so i have only played the acoustic guitar and never really learned a whole lot about electric guitars although i am getting one in a few weeks..

and i always see distortion pedals and i was wondering extactly what the pedals do.. i have a good idea about what they do but..yea

im just wondering if they hook up to an amp or are seperate and if they are needed to play metal.
Guitar plugs into the pedal, which is then plugged into the amp.

And it depends on what amp you get... You may want to get a distortion pedal if the distortion from the amp doesn't suit you, or you could just use the distortion from the amp.
you plug your guitar into the pedal and the pedal into the amp. you have your amp on a clean setting, normally, and turn the pedal on to distort the sound of your guitar in the amp. it just gives it a heavier sound than clean. they can be used for just about any kind of music.

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They distort the sound, they are not needed but sound good depending on what you play. Listen to some pedal demos on youtube to get an idea.

Without distortion the guitar sound more like an acoustic. Also most amps have built in distortion.

vid for refrence
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o alrite i see

the amp im getting does have alot of distortion but i might looks into effect pedals some.. ill just ask around the guitar shop

thanks btw for clearing that up