So not to long ago i got a really nice epi les paul black beauty 3 with a hardcase for $240 USD... It wasnt in the greatest condition and didn't sound that great...

Today i traded it for a MINT 60th Anniversary Fender Strat!!!! Its soooo nice.

its really nice im super happy with it... It's a keeper.

I also traded a Schecter Stiletto Deluxe 5 string bass for a Fender 4 string jazz bass.

Excellent guitar! Any chance of getting some more high quality pictures?
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Quote by Kurapica
Excellent guitar! Any chance of getting some more high quality pictures?

Sure let me find my Canon. lol i took that pic with my phone. hah
Sweet, totally dig that pickguard, now I need one...

I would've kept the Schecter though
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looks great
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