Which bass would be better... an Epiphone Viola Bass, or a cheap ass Hofner beatle bass?

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Don't take an easy way out when you're looking to spend that much money. Heck, don't take an easy way out when spending ANY kind of money, if you can help it!

Get to a music store & try out basses. Nothing anyone writes on here will be as clarifying as actually trying out an instrument & deciding for yourself. You don't want to shell out the money & find out what you get sounds like the equivalent of buying clothes online without trying them out & discovering they fit you weirdly.
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lol, no.


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Neither are very good basses tbh. Why are you looking at those in particular?
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I just dig the style. Bass isn't my instrument of choice so I don't have any idea about how good they are. Although I assumed they were both of average quality.

What is a good bass around $700-$800?