Hey guys, I've got two guitars here and I had a couple of questions.
First off my MiJ Fender strat from the 80's

It's a very noisy guitar, like buzz when I'm not playing, is this the pickups needing to be changed?

Now to my Gibson SG standard.

It goes out of tune quite a bit, the G string in particular. I've changed strings and it seemed to help, but that G string keeps going flat. Does it need a set up?

Hopefully I can get some answers from you guys!
Thanks & Godbless.
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For the strat, it likely is that your pickups are too close to the strings. I'd start with lowering them, but otherwise, it may just be the single-coil hum. Another option is a wax coating for the pole pieces.

In regards to the SG, I had the exact same problem with mine. I put on new tuners and haven't had problem since. My recommendation is the Grover 18:1's....
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Your strat probably just needs shielded. You can google how to shield a strat; It's a fairly simple process.
EDIT: http://www.artandtechnology.com.au/guitar/shielding-strat.html

I did something similar to this with my strat and it is dead quiet.

As for the SG, you might need to rub some graphite in the nut or buy some nut sauce.
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For your strat, that buzz is normal, it can be minimized by shielding the cavity. Also if it has single coils then you will hear a constant 60 cycle hum anyways.

For your gibson , that is a common string to go out of tune because of tension that I can't quite explain, but it happens to everyone really. Are you stringing it correctly and stretching the strings?
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