Hello again everyone,
Why should i learn the Major scale and the modes for guitar? It seems like its important but im just asking myself how and when am i going to use it later... i guess i just need some actualy motivation for learning this stuff.
Depends what you want to do with your playing.
Do you want to be a musician or a guitar player? A guitar player is the dude at parties who can play all the songs people want to hear, knows his blues scale and just has fun playing. Whereas the musician is the person who lives and breathes music. The guy who practices every day for hours not because he feels he has to, but because he wants to.
You should make a call on what you want to do, one is not better than the other, its just personal preference.
The modes are important if you want to do down a Jazz, funk, metal or prog kind of path. At the very least you should know the blues, major and minor scales, with 2 shapes for each (one of the E string and one of the A string.) But at the end of of the day the more ingredients you have in the cupboard, the better meals you'll be able to make. Think about it.
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Thanks so much man and i usually play metal so what mode would you think i should like anchor down on or should i just go with them all?
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u shouldnt learn modes for a long time. learn the major scale, learn how to construct one and how it works. then work on the minor scales and other stuff

Pretty much any scale you'll ever need can be derived from the Major scale, so learn that so you really understand it and most of the hard work's done.

Don't worry about modes at all for now - get your head around Major, then natural minor and the pentatonics. For 90% of western music you won't need any more scales than that.

Edit: Why learn them? Scales help you understand music better - they are the start to understanding what key a song is in, and to writing your own songs in key. They give you a set of notes that will work over a chord progression and if you understand how the chord progression is derived from the scale you'll also have an idea of how ech note from the scale will work over each chord. They make improvising a whole lot easier, as you suddenly have a set of 7 notes that will work for you. They make learning songs easier as knowing the scale lets you better understand where the song is going. Understanding scales helps in understanding chord construction, as a chord is effectively made up of selected notes from a scale.....loadsa reasons
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Yeah both the dudes above have it right man. Get your majors really solid, the move to the minors. Modes are really powerfull scales to have in your arsenal but you have to be rock solid on the major before the modes make any sense.
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