I really need new strings for my Schecter Damien-4. I play melodic metalcore and was wondering what gauge strings I should get, and any suggestions on what exact strings or brands to get. Thanks
I use Dunlop Heavy Stainless Steel Strings.
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I presume you tune your bass down? Get some really thick strings! Thicker is better
For what tuning?
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Ernie Ball Power Slinky bass strings or Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Bass Strings Is what I would go with Guages (.055 .075 .090 .110) I play alot of Tool Chili peppers and avenged sevefold and these strings sound amazing IMO I play a Music man Stingray w/ Seymour Duncan pickups and power slinkys (055 .075 .090 .110)and my Eppiphone w/ EMG 35Hz pick ups and and Hybrid (55 .075 .090 .110).
what is your tuning?

I play in D standard with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 5 String (50,70,85,105,125) and they have pretty good action.

Also, do you want clack on your frets when you play or total high action? Cause i have no fret clack and i like it that way.

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Can you get really heavy 6er strings?

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I use Ernie Ball Power Slinkys on my 4 string and Regular old Ernie Balls on my 6 string. I like them the most because they don't decimate my fingers.
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