havent had the pleasure of owning one myself, however i did hear a guy playing one at a guitar shop and it sounded pretty sexy (clean), like you know that creamy sorta smooth sexual sound you get playing on the neck pickup on the higher frets during a solo?
this uitar sounded better than a real les paul doing it haha
I owned one for a year or so. It's a damn nice guitar for the price, and the stock pickups are quite tasty. Neck is a little bit thick, but no more than any other PRS, and if you like that sort of thing it should be fine.

Give it a try before you get it, as nothing universal, but as far as guitars go this one is pretty nice.
I would suggest maybe trying out the PRS SE Paul Allender Signature. I've found the pups to be a lot more responsive and versatile over the Custom and although people have complained about the tremolo, I've had absolutely no problems with mine staying in tune when I use for some small dives and vibrato. Not to mention it is absolutely dead sexy.

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Thanks for all the posts, they are extremely helpful! i will be looking forward to playing one of these babies really soon at my local music store!
If you get one, consider spending a few hundred on a set of prs usa pickups and your guitar will go a very long way.

What sort of music are you looking to play with it? Or is it going to be a general all rounder?