Fireball. To me the powerball is too scooped.
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Definitely go for the Powerball. As a proud owner of one, I can honestly say that it beats the Fireball in every regard.
Quote by kylendm
Fireball. To me the powerball is too scooped.

Did you try using the focused mid switch? More midrange than you will ever need. Although this amp did take quite a bit of tweaking before I got the mids to where I wanted them, it is definitely worth it.
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I preferred my mates Powerball over my Fireball, it just seemed less limiting compared to the Fireball. Though for a single eq amp it does alright.
Don't get the mudball.
yeah it may have mids up the ass, but that's all it has, and that's why it's a muddy piece of shit.
No but seriously, everyone who says Powerball is either deaf or biased because they were stupid enough to buy one.