My main guitar is due for a string change (going on three months with one set)

Its an Ibanez RG something or other (either an rg470 or prestige 1570) and right now I have GHS heavy weight boomers on it (.10 .13 .17 .36 .52 .60)

I have no qualms with the way it sounds now mainly because I dont have a lot of experience with other brands. I asked a guy in the guitar store how i might achieve a chunkier sound and he suggested getting heavier gauge strings I got a multi pack discount on Boomers and have been using them ever since.

When i bought the heavy weight strings i found that in order to have the tension of E standard i had to tune down a lot, C standard is where i found equilibrium so i looked up songs in C standard, learned some stuff from Dethklok and The Sword and never went back.

I was considering getting elixirs because they have a set with light top strings and heavy bottoms, and at 11 dollars for strings that will supposedly last 3-5 times longer, I dont see where i could go wrong.

I play a wide range of styles, and was just wondering what the UG community had to suggest in the way of heavy gauge strings for the poorfolk
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Ernie Ball Power slinky. My choice of strings.

(.11 .14 .18 .28 .38 .48)

It gives me this really warm full tone.
I use D'Addario strings, and have never broken a string since using them.
I love the tone. Very bright when new, and they warm up nicely with use.

I had a set that i left on for...I'd say...at least 6 months and they didn't break, and that's playing everyday, and occasionally playing shows, if that gauges how awesome they are.

And BTBAM swears by them.
Elixirs FTW. I used to use uncoated strings and just this summer I tried out the Elixirs. Never looked back.

You might not love the feel of coated strings, but it's worth a try.
Personally I never found heavier strings to make that much of a difference. I've been playing on a lot of 9's with a lot of success. I'm playing on runt of the mill Dunlop's right now and I like them a lot. Other than that, I've had good success with Everly B52's, Blue Steels and DR Tite Fits. I found the iron core on the B52's to be better suited for passive pickups...my EMG's actually pulled them into the pickups a bit...enough to make me tweak the bridge so that should say something
+1 I like ernie's balls ...
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The most common gauge I find is 10-52, Im just worried that a .52 would flop around too much when tuned to C

also anyone have any experience with wound 3rd strings on an electric?
Try DR's.

I get good harmonic's with them.

Elixirs sound dead to me so I tend to avoid them.

The cheap D'Addarios snap easily; I've never tried the more expensive ones, but if their cheap ones are that bad I have no interest in their higher quality ones.

+1 to Ernie Balls Slinkies as well, but for real, try DR's. Best strings I've ever used.
I use Elixirs (.11s) and they are by far my favorite strings. They don't have a bright sound straight out of the box, so they sound like they have been played on for a few days, but they do last longer and hold their tone and intonation remarkably well.

For playing in C standard I would go for Elixir's Heavy Gauge (.12 - .52). When you tune them down it will feel a bit like you are playing .10s but they will have enough resistance to keep them from flopping around. In addition, they are well balanced, so you can tune to standard and the tension won't be off.
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I use Elixirs and Ernie Balls. Elixirs on my Tele, ernie balls on the talon.
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those zakk wylde signature strings. They're made for drop C tuning, but i think you use them in D, if you want to.
Dunlop or DR they both have really thick core wire on the low strings.
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d'addario rules
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i recently switched from ghs boomer .10 gauges to elixir .10 gauges best thing i ever did, dont have to change out strings every two weeks now, and the tone is ****in amazing in my opinion. definitely give them a 10!
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