I recently played a gig (last night) and broke an A string while jamming out,
and sadly, as I've come to realize today, the saddle piece in my freakin' bridge
fell out and is nowhere to be found. I don't know why it was loose, but now I can't
use my Spector bass.

What am I to do?
Do they sell the pieces?
And if not, then what kind of bridge should I get??

I think I have the Classic 4 string model,
I don't really know. The place I bought it from didn't say what model it is.

Or would the warranty cover this? :O
psyguitarist :
Well, I was planning to send it to a friend as he said he could fix my action
or whatever is wrong because the first three frets (low end) on each string buzz
really bad.

However, that's not the piece I need, while it's the right part, it's not the right kind.
It's rectangular and sits down into the bridge, no spring or anything. There aren't even any springs on the bridge.
Somebody on here e-mailed Spector yesterday (or the day before), and they got back to him with and helped him out. I'm sure they'd be happy to reply to your email. I don't think any stores will sell the specific saddle you're bass has, unless you were to fit a fender/standard style saddle onto your bridge which would look odd.

Good luck.
I actually emailed them last night after I posted this.
They responded this morning, said they might have spare parts.

I love this company! I figured it would take a week or two!