This is a harsh demo of the song Six Feet Under The Universe. I just made this song and there is a lot I have to fix but tell me what you think so far. C4C as always.

Some parts might sound a bit dull because this song is more vocally driven.
Six Feet Under The Universe.gp4
Six Feet Under The Universe.gp5
Six Feet Under The Universe.mid
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Sounds good but I'm not sure you'd call it brutal death. Brutal death is usually constant incredibly fast chugging with constant blasting like Devourment. The riff at 1:25 and the one following it is pretty brutal death but I dunno about the rest.

Maybe I'm mixing it up with slamming death though. Anyway. Point is most of it just doesn't sound fast enough to constitute as brutal death.

Sounds great anyway. Well done.
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sounds good, but like the two above said, and i agree, this isnt brutal death metal.
but its very good.
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Since it is sucha big problem I changed it.

wasnt reallly a big problem just didnt sound that much like brutal death metal.
didnt really like the opening riff, it got a little boring, but other than that it was alright