Alright I got my Black strat that I'll be updating the electronics in soon. I decided on Lace gold sensor with hot bridge. I saw they come in black and white and it got my thinking maybe getting new knobs and pickguard too.

Part me of thinks all black with maple fretboard will look good, but then I think it won't.


1.) Black pickguard, black lace pickups, black knobs.
2.) Black pickguard, white lace pickups, white knobs.
3.) White pickgaurd, black lace, black knobs.
4.) All white.
5.) Other, and if so what?
Number 3, definitely. High contrast always looks really sharp on strats.
I love love love love the look of the all white electonics, black body, maple neck Strat. Seriously, it's like a dream guitar of mine, so 4.) gets my vote.
just go custom and for the paint give them blood and semen.

I say 3
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So far #3 is taking it, after today I'll go with w.e has most votes.