hi i am new to cabs and head as i have been using a combo my whole life but i have recently bought a SWR Working Pro 400 bass Amp. it says 4 ohm min total on the back. can someone give me a brief explanation of what cabs will work or be suitable for it? do i need to get a 400 watt or less cab for does it not matter. im thinking of buying
Trace Elliot 1048H
300 watt 4x10" & horn @ 8Ω Made in UK. Loaded w/ as new Lorantz speakers
would this be suitable and if so do you think it would make a good setup?
also because the speakers have been changed does that mean reviews i have read about the cab will be unrealated, or is there more to a cab than just the speakers.
any help would be greatly appreated
Well, you'd need at least 400 watts for a cab for a 400 watt head. 4 ohm minimum obviously means your cab must be 4 ohms or greater.
A 300 watt cab will not work, you need 400, or preferably, more.
There's more to a cab than just the speakers.
would a Hartke VX410
VX series 400 watt 4X10" & horn @ 8Ω
be suitable, or should i look for somthing with more watts.
thanks for your help
That should be fine, but it's a good idea to leave yourself a bit of a buffer as far as wattage goes with the speakers if you're going to be playing loudly.
is your amp rated 400w @ 4ohm? if so it'll probably have a lower output at higher impedances.
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