I repainted, and installed new pickups and a new neck on my squire pbass and it has been a crazy process. i installed semour duncan quarter pounders but it just buzzes like crazy and crackles whenever i move around my cable around the input jack.

can someone please help me? should i buy new electronics, pickups or what? please help, i would love to start playing this bass at shows

have you tried using a different cable?

it sounds like it could just coincidentally be that you're patch cord crapped out. it sounds like it's a possible culprit of the crackling, at least.

if the cable's fine, make sure your jack's tightened properly, and when you plug a cable in, it's actually like, popping into place. a few planet waves cables I've owned have a problem where the tip doesnt quite lock into the jack, so it's easily popped out, and loses connection easily..

start with that, and try to tackle the crackling.
the buzzing could be lots of things. make sure you have all good solder joints, and you haven't swapped the sleeve and tip connections on the jack
its not the cable cuz i use different basses, its just this pbass. but i took it into samash and they're going to repair it. thanks for the replies though guys
it sounds like a grounding problem, check your solders
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