I think i accidentally plugged my 16V Ac blackstar adapter into my boss looper and its not working! does this mean it's fried? how would i fix it?
Unfortunately, you almost certainly fried the chips, which would mean it's not worth repairing. If you got lucky and just fried the power supply, it might be possible to repair.
The fact that you asked that question means that you're not going to be able to fix it by yourself. It's going to cost a fair amount to even have someone look at it, since digital pedals are a huge pain in the ass to troubleshoot. I hate to say it, but I think you've got a brick unless you know someone who can look at it for you.

I assume when you say it's not working that none of the lights are coming on?
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FArk, that sucks. I'm pissed. that thing was brand new
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Oof, yeah. I think momentary lights = DOA for that pedal. You could try to salvage it, but it sounds like the chips are shot.
Could have fried the adapter too if you shorted a circuit in the looper.
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Also, my blackstar distx isnt working either. ideas?

Lemme guess... 9V Boss adapter into Blaclstar DistX?

I feel your pain. Once plugged a 12V adapter into a Wireless Router. Flashing lights was all I got also. Seems everything makes flashing lights when it's broken.
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