I, as usual, am pissed off at the GOP.

Ban the science save the church and blast the people for desertion
Kill the doctors then just maybe blame the victim for the baby
Toss the orange leave the peel out ignore all the pain we deal out
Sinking ship on holy water they’re the lambs now start the slaughter

Only we possess the truth
You disagree you die
We allow no dissent here
Kiss your free will goodbye

Are you playing on our team?
If you’re not you hate your country
We the people only means
You if you agree with us

Better 4 wives than 1 husband read the bible and understand
Save the planet ha that’s funny you see carbon I see money
Better sick than socialist don’t help the people this we insist
Freer market freer masses free to starve or wipe our asses

Buckley’s dead and Kristol’s gone
And Safire’s in the ground
We’ll use the torch they passed to us
To burn this party down
So put your
Party before country (x8)
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FrustratedRocka you are a legend

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The man clearly knows his shit.

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one of the best, educated and logical posts I've ever seen on UG in the Pit. Well done good sir.